The Fasting of The Heart

The fasting of the heart is done by emptying it of all evil, all corruption.
It means getting rid, from our hearts, all forms of shirk, bid’ah, false beliefs, evil thoughts, filthy intentions and immoral ideas.
In fact, the fasting heart is only, and only, filled with the love of Allaah and the desire to please Him.

Its intention is pure, for the sake of Allaah, Alone.
It corrects its Aqeedah and rejects all doubts and false forms of worship.
It stays away from greed, envy, enmity and pride.
It stays away from arguments, gossip and gheebah.
It rejects stinginess and extravagance.

It places complete trust in Allaah, full of patience and serenity.
It doesn't hold any grudges, anger or hatred.
It readily forgives anyone and everyone, no matter how much harm or grief they caused it.

It is free of deception, slyness and hypocrisy.

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