Obey Allah and what happens happens.

The little girl came back home from school, and after she arrived home her mom noticed that she was sad.
So she asked her about the reason.

The girl said: Mother, my teacher threatened me kick me out the school if I come to school wearing those long cloths that I wear.
The mother said: But those are the clothes Allah wants us to wear dear.
The daughter said: yes mother.. but the teacher doesn’t want that.
The mother said: well, the teacher doesn’t want but Allah wants.. who do you obey?
Do you obey Allah that caused your appearance in this world and gave you all those gifts in life?
The girl said: Obey Allah.
The mother said: you are right dear.The next day the girl went to school wearing her long clothes.
When the teacher saw her she kept talking to her in a rough way and making her feel guilty!
The girl couldn’t take it anymore and just blew out crying, then she said little words but great in meaning.


The teacher asked: Who’s Him?
The girl said: Allah … Obey you and disobey my creator? Or Obey Him and disobey you?

I will obey my creator and whatever happens happens!!

Those were words that came out of that little mouth.. words that proved the full obedience to Allah.
Did the teacher stop right there?
She requested to see the girl’s mother.. what does she want from her?

And the mother came.. The teacher said: “Your daughter advised me the greatest advice of my life”

Yes, the teacher learned from her little student. The teacher that her knowledge and educational degree didn’t hold her from learning from a young student her daughter’s age.

The mother did a great job in raising this girl according to the Islamic law.
To All Muslim Mothers: between your hands you have your children, they are just like a dough, you can shape them however you want, so hurry up to shape them in a way that pleases Allah and his messenger.

Teach them to pray.. Teach them to obey Allah .. Teach them to stick to the right path.
Teach them all of that before they become youth, because if they miss the right way of raising them when they are young, you will regret it later on when they grow up.

This girl isn’t from the companions’ time, nor their followers, but she lives during out modern times, this proves that we can have many of those girls, a girl that doesn’t fear standing in front of injustice and can stand up for those who disobey Allah!

-Translated by My Hejab Is My Rescue (a group in facebook)


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